Our transit services combine all of the standard departure and arrival services we offer, resulting in a wall-to-wall travel package of pure excellence.

From short stopovers to extensive breaks to multiple complex connections, we have the experience and expertise to make every stage of your journey a trip to remember. Executive chauffeur-driven transfers, fast-track airport clearance, VIP escorts, Porters, preferential lounge access- all the perks our customers can expect as standard.

We aim to eliminate the stress related to travel and facilitate a seamless arrival or departure service for all our VIP’s.

  • Executive transportation to your departure airport
  • Meet and greet service upon arrival
  • Fast-track VIP check-in and security clearance
  • Preferential lounge access
  • Personal porter service for baggage handling
  • Choice of seating on-board aircraft
  • Escort to connecting flight


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