Tax Return


Airport VIP Services offers a range of Tax refund options, whether it be for your Business travel or purchases whilst at one of our destinations.

SAVE MONEY on your Business Travel Expenses.

Did you know that throughout Europe, Value Added Tax (VAT) is payable on a wide variety of expenses. For the busiess traveller these can include expenses such as those detailes below, which could possibly be refundable:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Conferences/Exhibitions
  • Car Hire/Fuel
  • Professional Fees

Your company may be entitled to reclaim this VAT, but every year billions of Euros worth of VAT remains unclaimed by foreign companies who are deterred by cumbersome procedures.

We can handle the entire claim from beginning to end through a market leading service designed to simplify the whole process of VAT recovery for your company. In some European countries this can reduce the cost of your business travel by as much as 25%.


We are confident of our comprehensive service and the ability to deliver. To this effect we willl not charge you anything unless your claim is successfully refunded.

VAT Reclaim Assistance at the airport and state

Only available at select airports around the world. This may include fast track or queuing assistance. Please ask availability when booking.


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